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The science behind TeamSight

TeamSight—formerly known as Style of Influence—was developed as a behavioral assessment focused on team performance. In the early 80's, Douglas Wilson, PhD, was teaching Organizational Behavior at the USC Graduate School of Business and working with Toyota Motor Company's heads of HR and Strategic Development for North America to improve their leadership practices. Gene Getz, PhD, a former professor of Dr. Wilson's, had built a successful career implementing behavioral principles in both educational and religious institutions. They both championed the critical importance of productive team interactions that resulted in higher performance, and began to work together on a tool to assist teams in these areas.

At that time, most tools were based on identifying personal characteristics and were more descriptive by design. These were helpful, but Wilson and Getz believed a predictive tool for team interactions could prove even more useful. Their goal was to develop an assessment with exceptional internal consistency—one that would help individuals and teams perform at a higher level by recognizing their default behaviors and gaining awareness of how those behaviors influence themselves and others.

The empirical research behind TeamSight identified four highly consistent activities that impact team performance. Based on this research, the TeamSight assessment analyzes 84 items that identify how people naturally behave within the four areas of team performance, and presents actionable, objective feedback that isn't subject to interpretation.The results demonstrate an excellent internal consistency of reliability with a high degree of construct validity. The results from Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA), Multi-Trait Multi-Method (MTMM) Matrix, and Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA), all strongly support the conclusion that TeamSight demonstrates excellent validity.

Executive Leadership Team


Debbie Ellisen


Debbie Ellisen joined TeamSight as CEO in January 2020. She was first introduced to TeamSight in 2012 when she began using the platform and saw first-hand the impact it had on team and organizational performance.

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Dani Chehak

VP of Customer Success

Highly accomplished global senior human resources executive who accelerates company growth and value by building high performing organizational infrastructures and cultures. 

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Board of Directors


Doug Wilson

Founder & Chairman of the Board

Dr. Douglas A. Wilson is the co-author of the TeamSight assessment and the Chairman of the Board. He remains passionate about the original objective of developing the assessment — to help teams do their best work together.

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Dalana Brand

VP People Experience and DEI, Twitter

Dalana Brand advises TeamSight through a customer lens. She is a seasoned corporate executive with significant global leadership experience at some of the foremost Fortune 500 companies spanning various industries.

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Stuart McClure

Owner, NumberOneAi

Stuart was the CEO and visionary for Cylance and a believer that technology can help people do better work together.

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Courtney Brackin

CEO, Omni Environmental Solutions

Courtney is President and CEO of Omni Environmental Solutions and a long time fan of TeamSight.

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Advisory Board


Bill Ihrie

Former CIO, Intuit

Bill Ihrie advises TeamSight on architecture and product development. He is a seasoned executive with 40+ years of experience in the software industry.

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James Roberts

TeamSight Practitioner

James Roberts advises TeamSight through a practitioner lens. In his former role as President of TeamSight, James was primarily responsible for helping leadership teams of Fortune 500 companies implement the TeamSight platform across the enterprise.

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Cathy Girr

Owner, Double G Branding

Cathy Girr advises TeamSight on marketing and brand strategy. Cathy is a seasoned strategist and storyteller with over 20 years of experience in working with Fortune 500 companies and leading brands to engage audiences and catalyze action.

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Dave Haase

Owner, Golden State Consulting

Dave Haase advises Teamsight on finance. He brings 10+ years of experience in working with startups.

Dave’s TeamSight profile is 5353 – creative and execution-focused, excited about getting a job done, can multitask easily, may take on too many projects, and may fail to recognize or understand team dynamics.