About us

Leadership Team


Debbie Ellisen


Debbie Ellisen joined TeamSight as CEO in January 2020. She was first introduced to TeamSight in 2012 when she began using the platform and saw first-hand the impact it had on team and organizational performance.


Doug Wilson

Founder & Chairman of the Board

Dr. Douglas A. Wilson is the co-author of the TeamSight assessment and the Chairman of the Board. He remains passionate about the original objective of developing the assessment — to help teams do their best work together.


Avery Mazor

Director of Product

Avery Mazor leads product development for TeamSight. He is an experienced interactive designer skilled in digital transformation, product design, and user experience.


Bill Ihrie

Advisory Board, Technology

Bill Ihrie advises TeamSight on architecture and product development. He is a seasoned executive with 40+ years of experience in the software industry.

James Roberts

Advisory Board, Practitioner

James Roberts advises TeamSight through a practitioner lens. In his former role as President of TeamSight, James was primarily responsible for helping leadership teams of Fortune 500 companies implement the TeamSight platform across the enterprise.

Dalana Brand

Advisory Board, Customer

Dalana Brand advises TeamSight through a customer lens. She is a seasoned corporate executive with significant global leadership experience at some of the foremost Fortune 500 companies spanning various industries.

Cathy Girr

Advisory Board, Marketing

Cathy Girr advises TeamSight on marketing and brand strategy. Cathy is a seasoned strategist and storyteller with over 20 years of experience in working with Fortune 500 companies and leading brands to engage audiences and catalyze action.

Dave Haase

Advisory Board, Finance

Dave Haase advises Teamsight on finance. He brings 10+ years of experience in working with startups.

Get TeamSight

Choose the subscription model that's right for you or your organization.


30-day free trial

  • Unlimited team snapshots

  • Unlimited connections

  • Tailored coaching and insights

  • Scenario and interaction-based advice

  • Facilitation resources for seamless TeamSight sessions

After trial period ends, subscription will be billed at $4.99/month per user ( billed annually ) or $7.99/month per user ( billed monthly ).


All Standard capabilities plus:

  • Unlimited auto-connections between users

  • Onboarding resources for seamless setup and integration

  • Training resources for TeamSight Enterprise Admins

  • Enterprise-wide analytics to help your organization measure success

  • Private APIs for seamless integration with HRIS systems

  • Single Sign-On to keep your accounts secure and easy employee onboarding


All Standard capabilities plus:

  • Self-paced video training and certification resources
  • Facilitation resources for seamless client sessions
  • Marketing resources to help you grow your business
  • Coaching functionality designed for your work with leaders and teams
  • Analytics to help you deliver targeted insights

$2500 training fee includes the first year of your TeamSight subscription. After the first year, your consultant subscription will be billed at $100/year.