Create a team

  1. Your “Teams” page shows every team you’re a member of or that you’ve created.
  2. You can view your teams as cards or as a list, or search for a specific team by name.
  3. Click Create Team to create a new team.
  4. Name your new team and decide whether you want to include yourself as a member.
  5. Choose whether you want the team to be visible to all members (shared) or just to you (private).
  6. Forming a private team is a great way to get insights into how different people work together.
  7. Click “Create” to create a new team.
  8. Now that you’ve created a team, click “Add Team Member” to invite your colleagues to join.
  9. Enter each person’s email address, or use “Group Add” to easily invite multiple contacts.
  10. Click “Invite” to invite members to your new team.
  11. If the team is private, invitations will not be sent.
  12. You can change a team from private to shared by clicking the lock on the team card.
  13. Once a team is shared and visible to all members, it can’t be changed back to private.