Organization pricing and benefits

Do I receive a discount based on the size of the organization?

Yes, While our proven method reveals value added benefit at all levels within an organization, we understand it can take time to introduce TeamSight throughout your entire organization. For this reason, we offer a tiered discount pricing structure based on total “seats” filled each month in order to rewards those organizations which continue to promote this powerful instrument over time. Contact Us to discuss your organization’s immediate needs today!

What additional perks or benefits are available under the Organization Product?

As a part of signing on to the Organization Product, TeamSight Client Success Team will engage with key executive sponsors and Administrators to provide onboarding, training and facilitation resources along with additional coaching resources to help your organization quickly realize and measure success. Regularly scheduled Business Reviews are also offered to help stakeholders quantify the impact of the TeamSight platform within your organization.

Are there any additional costs associated with the Organization Product?

The Organization Product is invoiced monthly based on the total number of “seats” filled within your organization. Additionally there is a one-time Onboarding Fee of $10,000 USD. This fee helps to cover all of the resources, including a dedicated TeamSight point of contact, required for successful implementation and support. Your organization also retains the option to pay for a TeamSight Certified Consultant to coordinate and lead team sessions or, alternatively, may choose to certify ($2,500 USD Training Fee) any number of Internal Consultants to deliver these sessions within your organization. Finally, and only upon a client’s request, TeamSight may offer to develop additional technology integrations to serve your organization’s needs on a project-cost basis.

How are payments & subscriptions managed under the Organization Product?

Monthly invoices are generated based on the total number of filled “seats” within the Organization Product. Per our standard Agreement, all invoices are generated with Net 30 Terms. Should your organization pursue additional services from TeamSight, ie consulting, an invoice will be generated according to the terms outlined for said services.