Frequently Asked Questions

The Assessment

How accurate is the Teamsight assessment?

TeamSight accuracy has been validated over the past 30 years by key scientific industry metrics. TeamSight results demonstrate an excellent internal consistency of reliability with a high degree of construct validity. The results from Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA), Multi-Trait Multi-Method (MTMM) Matrix, and Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) all strongly support the conclusion that TeamSight demonstrates excellent validity.

Can I retake the assessment?

Yes, you may retake the assessment by going to Account in the top right navigation bar and selecting Assessment. But before you take it again, please read your Individual Profile with an open mind. If you answered the questions honestly, then your 4-digit profile should describe your natural behavioral style quite accurately. While there may be a few areas that don’t resonate as much as others, if the majority of it does, retaking the assessment will not change your profile. If much of your profile doesn’t describe your natural behavioral style, then take the assessment again and make sure that you are answering from the perspective of your whole life, instinctively and as objectively as possible.

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Can I review my answers to the assessment?

Yes, you may view your answers to the assessment by going to Account in the top right navigation bar and selecting Assessment.


Sharing Profiles

How do I share my profile with others and request that they share their profile with me?

While we want to make it easy for you to share your profile with others, we also need to protect your privacy. TeamSight does this in Connections. Your connections will be able to view your profile. You decide who you want to connect with. And you can change your mind by simply removing the connection.


If you were invited to TeamSight by another subscriber, then you will automatically be connected to that person. After that you can invite people to connect with you by inviting them to TeamSight, inviting existing users to connect, or by adding someone to a team. You can also share your profile by accepting others’ invitations to join teams and connect with them.

How do I share my profile with my organization?

If you’d like to automatically connect all of the employees in your organization, please contact us about our enterprise options.

How do I share my profile with a team?

Ask any member of the team to add you to the team and you will be invited to connect with the members. Check your notifications in the top nav or the Invitations module in Connections to view any pending invitations.

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How do I stop sharing my profile with others?

You can stop sharing your profile with another subscriber by removing them from your connections.



What is the difference between a private and a shared team?

When you create a team, you have the option to make it private or shared. A private team can only be viewed and edited by you. A shared team can be viewed and edited by all team members.

If you are in a consultant role, whether internal or external, it can be useful to initially make a team private. That way you can bring the team results to a team session for discussion. After the session, then you can go back and make the team shared so that all of the members can connect to the team, view each other’s profiles, and get team snapshots.


Can I change a private team to a shared team and vice versa?

You can change a private team a shared team by clicking the lock icon on the team card. You can’t change a shared team to a private team.



What is the difference between the Team Snapshot, Get Snapshot, and Run Scenario?

If you’d like to quickly view members of an existing team on one snapshot, use Team Snapshot in Teams. Just click on a team card to see the snapshot.


If you want to view people’s profiles together who aren’t necessarily on the same team, start with Get Snapshot and select people in your connections.

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If you’d like to know how to work more effectively with one specific team member, use Run Scenario for realtime insights and advice on how to work better together in different situations.



Can I run a scenario with more than two people?

No. Run Scenario is designed to offer real-time insights and advice on how to work better in a one-on-one situation. Use Get Snapshot or Team Snapshot to get insights on the dynamics of a larger group.

Can I run a scenario with two other people, not including me?

Yes. If you are an internal or external consultant, the Run Scenario feature can help you coach individual clients on how to work better together.


What happens when my 30-day free trial runs out?

A few days before your trial expires, you will be notified and prompted to sign up for one of the subscription options when your free trial expires. You won’t lose any of the data you created—it will transfer over to your subscription account. You can subscribe at any time during your trial by going to your Account in the top right nav bar.