Get TeamSight

Choose the subscription model that's right for you or your organization.


30-day free trial

  • Unlimited team snapshots

  • Unlimited connections

  • Tailored coaching and insights

  • Scenario and interaction-based advice

  • Facilitation resources for seamless TeamSight sessions

After trial period ends, subscription will be billed at $4.99/month per user ( billed annually ) or $7.99/month per user ( billed monthly ).


All Standard capabilities plus:

  • Unlimited auto-connections between users

  • Onboarding resources for seamless setup and integration

  • Training resources for TeamSight Enterprise Admins

  • Enterprise-wide analytics to help your organization measure success

  • Private APIs for seamless integration with HRIS systems

  • Single Sign-On to keep your accounts secure and easy employee onboarding


All Standard capabilities plus:

  • Self-paced video training and certification resources
  • Facilitation resources for seamless client sessions
  • Marketing resources to help you grow your business
  • Coaching functionality designed for your work with leaders and teams
  • Analytics to help you deliver targeted insights

$2500 training fee includes the first year of your TeamSight subscription. After the first year, your consultant subscription will be billed at $100/year.