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Debbie Ellisen

Debbie Ellisen 



Debbie Ellisen joined TeamSight as CEO in January 2020. She was first introduced to TeamSight in 2012 when she began using the platform and saw first-hand the impact it had on team and organizational performance.

Prior to joining TeamSight, Debbie worked for Patrick Lencioni's Table Group where she transformed the way CEOs and executive teams lead their organizations. Clients include Google, Microsoft, Intuit and other companies invested in building great organizations.

Debbie founded and led three businesses, was on the executive team for two SaaS companies, and was General Manager for a Fortune 500 technology company. She continues to be passionate about leadership, growing businesses, and client success.

Debbie received an MBA from the University of Santa Clara with an emphasis in Leadership, and a BA in Social Science from the University of California, Berkeley. She lives with her husband and two children in Palo Alto, California.

Debbie’s TeamSight profile is 4553 – inspirational and motivating, good at analyzing data, comfortable with taking risks, may become too dominating and want to control execution, may move quickly, not anchoring ideas in practical understanding.

James Roberts

James Roberts



In his role as President of TeamSight, James is primarily responsible for helping leadership teams of Fortune 500 companies implement the TeamSight platform across the enterprise. His length and breadth of experience with TeamSight, previously known as the Style of Influence (SOI), puts him at the center of strategy, product development, and partnerships as well. 

James first began utilizing the assessment in 1990 in his consulting practice. By 1999, James was partnered with co-author, Dr. Gene Getz, and was implementing TeamSight with the staff and leadership boards of nonprofits in multiple countries. In 2010, James obtained exclusive intellectual property rights to TeamSight and began to successfully implement the platform with for profit organizations. Over the years, James has worked with thousands of individuals and teams in helping them realize greater personal satisfaction and impact as they lead their teams to achieve peak performance.

James lives in the Dallas area. He has been married to Anette for 40 years and they enjoy as much time as they can get with their 3 married children and 8 grandchildren. When he is not doing what he loves with business leaders, he and Anette enjoy travel together, or you may find him with a pool cue in his hand or on the back deck with a good theology book.

James’ TeamSight profile is 4545 – can inspire people with ideas and drive, studies the details, likes to think big picture, may get trapped by details and may get too pushy under pressure.

Douglas Wilson

Douglas Wilson

Founder, Advisory Board

Dr. Douglas A. Wilson is the co-author of the TeamSight assessment and an active advisor to TeamSight. He remains passionate about the original objective of developing the assessment — to help people do their best work together. Doug’s consulting work further enables him to contribute to the real-world application of the TeamSight platform.  He spends much of his time working with CEO's and senior teams to align the strengths of the team with the needs of the organization.  

Doug is the CEO of Next Solutions, Inc.  He is also Chairman of The CEO Leadership Alliance (CLA) based in Orange County, California.  CLA is made up of many of the most prominent CEO’s in Orange County and is committed to working together to help build a thriving OC for all.   His work with CLA grew out of his commitment as a leader in facilitating the development of purpose driven companies who believe the purpose of business is to do both well and good.   Doug is a noted speaker, writer and New York Times best-selling author.  He is an Executive Fellow at the Center for Higher Ambition Leadership, which grew out of Harvard University, and is committed to helping purposeful CEO’s realize their highest aspirations as leaders. 

Doug has a Ph.D. in counseling and practiced at the beginning of his career as a clinical psychologist. He taught part time at the USC Graduate School of Business in organizational behavior and worked with the Maccoby Group in Washington D.C. He has a master’s degree in Theology, so he integrates into his work a strong values-based approach to business and human relations. Doug has two adult children and is married to Karen, his most important partner. Both Doug and Karen have a passion for just about anything that is outdoors, including surfing, snow-boarding, mountain biking, hiking, and stand up paddle surfing.

Doug’s TeamSight profile is 5542 – enthusiastic, able to sell ideas, enjoys people, may be impulsive and may overuse enthusiasm as a substitute for getting the facts straight.

Bill Iihrie

Bill Ihrie

Advisory Board

Bill Ihrie advises TeamSight on architecture and product development. He is a seasoned executive with 40+ years of experience in the software industry. Since retiring from Intuit, he has been involved with numerous early stage companies as an executive, investor, adviser, consultant and Board member. These have included President of Cytobank, SVP and Chief Product Officer for Motif Investing, and consultant at Cognizant.

Previously he was a Senior Vice President at Intuit for over eight years - six as Chief Technology Officer, and two running product development for Small Business, which is over half of the company's revenue. Prior to Intuit, Bill was a Senior Vice President at ADP for ten years, running Product Development and business strategy for the Claims Solutions and Dealer Services divisions. He was also at Security Pacific Bank, Computer Usage Company and Bell Labs.

Mr. Ihrie earned BS degrees in mathematics and management from M.I.T., and his Master of Arts degree in computer science from U.C. Berkeley.

Bill's TeamSight profile is 5353 – inspirational and motivating, good at analyzing data, comfortable with taking risks, may become too dominating and want to control execution, may move quickly, not anchoring ideas in practical understanding.

Cathy Girr

Cathy Girr

Advisory Board

Cathy Girr advises TeamSight on marketing and brand strategy. Cathy is a strategist, storyteller, and change agent with over 20 years of experience in working with brands, leaders, and teams to engage audiences and catalyze action.

In 2008, Cathy founded Double G Branding to help companies like Netflix, Facebook, Coca-Cola, Levi Strauss & Co., Beam Suntory, HP, and Visa tell their stories. Before founding Double G, she worked as a strategy director and writer at Stone Yamashita Partners and as an independent consultant for numerous advertising and branding agencies.

Cathy is an award-winning writer and a published poet. She holds a BA in English from Boston College and an MA in Creative Writing from UC Davis.

Cathy's TeamSight profile is 5342 – enthusiastic, able to sell ideas, enjoys people, may be impulsive, and may overuse enthusiasm as a substitute for getting the facts straight.

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