Consultant Basics

What is a Certified Consultant? 

A Certified TeamSight Consultant is a trained and certified practitioner of the TeamSight assessment who works with teams and individuals to help accelerate performance. 

How do I become a Certified TeamSight consultant? 

If you are already on the TeamSight platform, on the Resources page there is a resource card that will walk you through the steps to become a Certified TeamSight Consultant. If you are new to TeamSight, start by signing up for a free trial account.  

What is the cost to become a Certified TeamSight Consultant? 

The initial cost is $2,500 which covers your training and initial certification materials. Each year after there is a $100 subscription. This subscription covers access to everything you need to have successful sessions with your clients, this includes PowerPoint slide decks, marketing materials, E-mail templates, Website listing (external consultants), and access to our consultant success experts. 

How I can show my employer the value of becoming a Certified TeamSight Consultant?  

Let’s talk. This can be different from organization to organization, fill out this form and we can get started. 

What happens if my consultant subscription expires, do I have to pay the $2,500 again. 

No. The training fee is just for the training, and once you are certified and have an active subscription you will always have access to the training materials. In the event your subscription expires, all you need to do is re-subscribe and you will have the exact same access you had before. 

Do you certifying individuals or organizations? 

We certify individuals. If you leave your organization, your certification goes with you.  

If I certify as an external TeamSight Consultant, can I promote myself and my business? 

Yes, and so will we! We provide our Certified consultants with badges within the platform and Certified Consultant logo’s for use on social media platforms, email signatures, and websites. Additionally, we will add your name, location and contact information to our website.

I am interested in learning more, is there someone I can talk to about becoming a TeamSight consultant? 

Yes, absolutely! Fill out this form and we will reach out to you.