Administrators & Certified Consultants

What is the role of an Administrator?

Your Enterprise Administrators help ensure our platform delivers the level of automation that’s right for your organization. TeamSight will always require one person to serve as the primary point of contact with our Client Success Team, but we encourage you to consider the benefit of providing this access to a number of individuals who may assist in managing the addition or removal of users from the Enterprise Product, receiving monthly invoices, creating roles for TeamSight users, and tracking usage metrics and running reports.

How many Certified Consultants are required, or allowed, within the Organization Product?

None are required. This is optional based on your organizational needs. Many organizations choose to rely on a Certified TeamSight Consultant to deliver team sessions and one-on-one consulting. However, we appreciate the value added benefit of training your own staff to deliver these insights natively coupled with an awareness and appreciation for your organization’s culture and development. For this reason, any organization is eligible to certify any number of individuals as Certified Consultant.

How will we measure the success of implementing the Organizational Product?

As a part of onboarding your organization, our Client Success Team will work with key Administrators and Certified Consultants alike to identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) your organization will use to measure impact. We appreciate what makes every organization unique and so we rely on this proven method to gain insights that further reveal the necessary data and analytics that your organization will need to report out.