Why TeamSight

Why TeamSight

The TeamSight platform is designed to help leaders and organizations:

  • Get more done in less time
  • Make better decisions
  • Improve onboarding
  • Leverage team talents
  • Increase employee engagment
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TeamSight delivers actionable insights that help leaders and teams:

Communicate with clarity

TeamSight helps team members truly hear each other - and understand each other's intent - to increase efficiency and accelerate performance.

Avoid personal conflict

TeamSight helps teams not only resolve conflicts, but avoid unproductive conflict from the start. Identifying each team member’s behavioral style allows teams to address and anticipate potential areas of conflict.

Leverage individual and team strengths for greater impact

TeamSight helps maximize team performance by removing friction so teams can work better together.

Manage strengths and blind spots effectively

TeamSight gives you insights that help manage strengths so they don't overpower others, and identifies gaps where skills training could be helpful.

Operate more effectively in a virtual world

TeamSight helps teams adapt to working together virtually and learn new ways to build trust and understanding.

"While intuitively we know every team member is unique and different, TeamSight allows us to understand the differences clearly and shows us how to leverage them as the true strength of our team."

- Rick Jensen, Chief People and Places Officer, Headspace

"I specialize in helping boards and C-Suite executives to better understand the strengths and development opportunities for their top talent. The ability to influence effectively is one of the most important executive skills, and TeamSight provides deep insight on how people influence individuals and their organizations and how they can grow as leaders. There is nothing else available that can compare with it."

- George Klemp, President, Spencer Stuart

"Competitive advantage is largely driven by the work quality, throughput and 'time to yield' of working group or individual. TeamSight is a valuable tool that addresses all three dimensions."

- Cameron Hedrick, Chief Learning Officer, Citi

"At Love's we have utilized the TeamSight approach in our leadership development training and performance conversations. We believe it is helping us achieve higher individual and team performance outcomes throughout the organization."

- Shane Wharton, President, Love's Travel Stops

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Discover the TeamSight difference - and learn why our platform is the right choice for your organization.

Designed for teams from the start

The TeamSight assessment and tools were specifically designed to help teams perform at a higher level by recognizing default behaviors and understanding how they influence the people around you.


TeamSight scientifically predicts how you'll tend to act in a team environment—and helps you understand how and when to modify your behavior for greater impact.

No labels. No limits.

The in-depth behavioral insights you'll get from TeamSight are much more than a one-word label. You'll learn about your positive strengths, negative potentials, exceptional skills, typical behaviors, personal needs, triggers, and opportunities for growth.

Not a one and done

The TeamSight assessment is just the beginning. Our platform gives you real-time insights and coaching advice for day-to-day scenarios and interactions.

For Team Members

TeamSight not only reveals how you tend to behave in the environments around you, but provides actionable insights for how to manage your strengths and negative potentials.

For Leaders

Through delivering scientifically accurate, proven insights about team members' strengths, blind spots, and motivations, TeamSight gives business leaders a platform you can use to improve team communication and performance, build trust, and reduce friction.

For Business Consultants

Whether you're a consultant or a Learning, Talent, or HR leader, TeamSight gives you a customized database of insights you can use to inform onboarding, leadership development, hiring and succession, and team composition. Identifying inherent strengths helps position people in roles they will both enjoy and excel in.

Get TeamSight today and transform the way your team works together.